Ashley Sierra Orr: From Iowa to International Model

Ashley Sierra has been modeling for quite some time before joining Luxe and City. She has experience in print and runway and has even walked in London Fashion Week. 


Photos by @jeffottocreative

About seven years ago, Sierra attended her first photoshoot and her photos were later published in a magazine.

“I was like ‘Hey, maybe I can really do this,’” Sierra said.

She started looking for agencies in her area, which was Iowa at the time, and she found one called The Peak Agency. She signed with the agency and started working immediately and knew she wanted to take modeling seriously ever since.

To Sierra, a good model is someone who knows not only their angles and how to pose in front of a camera. She feels it is someone who is able to connect with their future audience.“You have to know how you look to someone looking at you. So you have to have the foresight to know how the final image is going to look based on what I’m doing right now,” said Sierra.

The ability of a model to be able to market whatever they are modeling, whether that be clothing, objects, an experience or a service.

“Anyone can be in front of a camera, but the whole point of modeling is marketing. You want to convert sales, because when you convert sales, then you are booked again. So, that is what makes a good model, they inspire people to want to do something.” Sierra said.

Sierra moved to Arizona about five years ago and has worked with Luxe and City as a freelance model on a few different projects. Most recently, she started working more consistently with Luxe and City when they started working with designer Christine Adar.  

“Now I am a part of Luxe and City’s Creative Council, and the rest was history,” Sierra said.  

Sierra’s favorite Luxe and City event has been The Saguaros’ NiteFlite charity event. “That was done really well, they raised a lot of money, it was very well executed.” Sierra said.

Sierra said her best accomplishment thus far has been working with Christine Adar.  “When you become a part of a designer’s core brand, I feel that that is a big step for any model, and I am honored to be one of hers.”




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