The Arizona Fashion Week 2023 Designer Application is Officially Open

The designer application for Arizona Fashion Week 2023 is officially open on the AZFW ’23 website.

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In its inaugural year, Arizona Fashion Week 2022 featured showcases by both local and national brands, including AllSaints, Christine Adar, Lamark Cole, Yoga Democracy, Couture Aprons, Dria Dair, Jonesy Clothing Co., Sueño, and NOA Collective. Designers spanned from luxury evening wear to streetwear to sustainable swim and beyond. This year, designer applications are open in three all-encompassing categories: ready-to-wear, evening wear, and lifestyle.

Following suit from 2022, Arizona Fashion Week 2023 promises unique, elevated shows and experiences for designers. New for 2023: a commission-based payment option, offering designers the opportunity to cover the cost of their shows and even earn revenue.

“Something we hear from designers all the time is that fashion shows are usually business expenses rather than income generators,” says Alex Salazar of Luxe & City, the agency behind AZFW 2023. “We wanted to give designers a way to earn income from the runway experience, so this year, we’re introducing a commission-based payment option. Designers will have the chance to receive commission from ticket sales made using their unique link, and they can use that money to pay for their show. Then, any commission earned after their show is paid for is money in their pocket.”

For more information about Arizona Fashion Week 2023, including payment options, submit your Designer Application at




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