Kia Diamond & the Creation of Moon Seed Jewels

Amidst a global pandemic, Luxe and City’s Creative Council cultivated and grew Arizona’s fashion industry despite the setbacks of COVID-19. For Kia Diamond, she started in 2020 and has continued to grow exponentially through her involvement with Luxe.

“I met [Luxe and City] through Joe [Leeds]; he actually bought jewelry from me…Then he asked me to table with them for Fashion Friday, and so I did that,” Diamond said,  “Then I eventually became a part of the Creative Council, and I’ve been loving it. I love the community and they launched me a lot in my business.”

With unique pieces ranging from waist chains, anklets, belt chains, and more, Diamond has been a small business owner since April of 2020 specializing in jewelry making with crystals.

“My inspiration was crystals, because I was always really into them and I love the healing benefits behind them, there’s so much to each topic in the world,” Diamond said. “I really resonate with crystals. Then, with my business, I got to work with a lot of crystals and crystal beads and stuff, and I get to teach and learn more about it.”

Diamond’s local business endeavors actually began unintentionally through her prior job as a receptionist.

“My coworker actually was the one that initially gifted me a bunch of different beads and charms and all sorts of jewelry stuff because she was done with that part of her life,” Diamond said. “I was just doing it for fun and giving away everything that I made and then I was like, why not continue this creative side and not work a nine to five, so I just kept going with it.”

To describe her business in just a couple words, Diamond believes Moon Seed Jewels to be, “magical, eccentric and colorful.” Although jewelry making wasn’t always Diamond’s career plans, it was a major part of her spiritual journey and aligns with values she had ever since adolescence.

“I just always knew I was going to help people…my younger self would be proud, and surprised at where I’m at now too,” Diamond said.

In the face of a booming business focused on love and helping people through crystals, every profession has its setbacks. Diamond explained that by owning a business, the stability of a typical, nine to five job is absent from the work-life balance. Diamond offers insight and advice for anyone wanting to start their own business, such as taking self care days. 

“Just go for it and don’t hold back because you are your own biggest critic,” Diamond said. “You’re gonna inspire and connect with a lot of people for your business, and it’s gonna be really rewarding and it’ll help you grow a lot as a person as well.”

To see more of Moon Seed Jewels, check out their Instagram or their website.  




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